Saturday, April 14, 2012

DNA AND GRAVITY -------- By Arbind Kumar, PhD

Knowing the BIOLOGY better will SOLVE the MYSTERIES of the UNIVERSE better.The present study points out a definite correlation between the organizational plan of DNA molecule and cell during organic evolution and the organizational plan of our Solar System during inorganic evolution.The following equation showing the correlation between the genetic code and the apparent motion of the Sun due to Earth’s revolution around the Sun, has been derived by me during the present investigation.
               64 – As                            339
         -----------------       =        ---------------
                  20                                 107.65
Where,   64 = Number of codons
                20 = Number of amino acids
                As = Astromolecular constant i.e. 1.013
             339 = Number of disks of Sun to measure its apparent path along the ecliptic in celestial sphere
         107.65 = Average distance of the Sun in terms of its own diameter
 This formula correlates the molecular data with the astronomical data implying a common organizational plan of the DNA molecule and our Solar System probably due to the influence of a common governing force i.e. Sun’s large gravitational force. The genetic code made up of DNA, acts as an intracellular computer for the structure and physiology of the cell and governs the embryonic development leading to the formation of the body plan of the organisms.The data of the present investigation clearly show that the microscopical numbers i.e. the number of codons of the genetic code, number of amino acids which are common to all organisms, are functions of the astronomical numbers as shown in the equation derived.The genetic code works as an intracellular computer which governs the organization of the cell and nucleus and the phylogenetic evolution of living organisms.The present study points out the possible continuity through the integrated levels of organization from microcosm to macrocosm. From tiny world of atom to the vastness of universe, there is integrated levels of organization including all living organisms. The whole universe is a living entity or organism and we are like microorganisms observed under microscopes. The organization of life is key to the organization of physical universe. I think , nature has two parts - physical universe and biological universe, both of which are correlated; a fact which has always been overlooked. This intimate correlation found during the present investigation has led me to hypothesize that the physical universe is a living entity or organism. Evolution of life is progressing through different levels of dimensions and the universe is the highest dimension of life.    
 It is tempting to speculate that the phenomenon of accretion of gas onto a massive blackhole at the galactic center and the jets of material ejected from the accretion disc around a blackhole, which expand and decay over a few days, or the explosion of supernovae may be analogous with the biological phenomena inside living organisms. The process of stellar nucleosynthesis may be analogous to the synthesis of substances in the cells of organisms. These analogies existing on the two different scale of space and time might appear unrelated initially. Although new information on galaxies, birth and death of stars are coming in, there are many long-standing mysteries enveloping the universe. The advent of new generation of astronomical instruments opens new windows for the astronomers and may call for major revisions in the standard view of cosmology. My proposition is that an extensive and well co-ordinated work between different types of microscopes and telescopes could be able to reveal more mysteries enveloping the microcosm and macrocosm and thus bridging further the gaps between the disciplines like biology, chemistry,physics and astronomy.( Excerpt from my published research paper" EVOLUTION AND RELATION OF MICROCOSM AND MACROCOSM" with edition).